Spreading the Love

"Evolution is… running towards your fears. Once you get there embrace it with every part of you"  --Shaman Durek

A few weeks ago I was participating as a musician in a guided group meditation by Shaman Durek and I felt the impact. His words of wisdom were simple, but really hit down deep. As someone who has fears—just like anyone else in the world—I found a lot of light during this discussion and meditation.

He was answering questions from Jimmy Chamberlin about his ‘profession.’ But after witnessing this event, ‘profession’ isn’t the right way to word it. I would call it ‘a way of life’. He simply emanated good and truth. Every word, every hug, every laugh was something that came from his soul.

Here is a quick piece entitled Ravens Caw that really captures what discoveries I came to when I listened intently to what he had to say.

“The raven takes us to the edge of ourselves to welcome a time that will bring the rain to cleanse us. No fear will live in us the day our face becomes clear. We have to live. Let love set you free. Transforming our lies into truths for they will set us apart. The day we won't remember the pain. We will see only the lessons that gave us strength and wisdom. All wrong will be right we will turn night into day. We will see the rain as a gift from heaven to wash over us. We played in the dirt, so we must stand to be cleansed. Clearing our eyes and soaking our skin and soften our spirit. We feel the same about the visions we see. We all want this world to love more and find grace in between. We just have to let it be. We can share the voices of spirit in our creative pursuits. All the beauty is woven into our life story. Lift our hearts and sing of freedom. Walk into the waters and cleanse. Feel the drop of rain fall on your skin and run down your face. Be exposed and the light of suns within suns will fill up our space. All is blessed and well for us all in every passing hour.”

--Shaman Durek

After hearing him speak at Soho House in Chicago—I followed my raven and I let the rain wash over me. We all have things that we regret and that we hate. But, what if we let that anger wash away? What if we move on from the past and work on something that matters now? Surely the answer will open you up to a world you have never even seen before.

If this resonates with you, I urge you to really check out Shaman Durek. This man does incredible things for the world and I know that team Sedgewick is doing everything we can to spread the love and truth.

Now go find that raven!


You can check out Shaman Durek's website here!