Importance of Community

"Life lives on life. We all eat and are eaten. When we forget this we cry; when we remember this, we can nourish one another." --Buddha's instructions interpreted by Jack Kornfield

In our world of music, people are striving to expand their web, to broaden their horizons. It creates pockets of little families who go out to support the arts--but what if we all made more of an effort to see a live show? How do we make that live show intimate and special again? Everything is a mouse-click away these days and the Sedgewick team is looking to create something that you can’t click on.

We would like to invite everyone reading this to join our community.  I am eager to harvest a nourishing and supportive musical family. Won’t you join the Sedgewick team?

In honor of cultivating this deeper experience--tell us where you are playing! We would like to join your family and broaden the scope of our musical community. Let the jamming begin!