Daytrotter Session and Alma Mater Show


Hey Everyone,

We had an amazing opportunity in August to perform in Daytrotter's studios in Rock Island. It was a huge privilege, as the studio has seen the likes of Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, and Fleet Foxes -- groups that have been extremely formative in our music. Listen to/download the session HERE.

On another note, a couple of awesome shows coming up: this Friday we will be in Sam's hometown of Holland, MI w/The Fever Haze, and next week Friday will be our much anticipated show at our alma mater, Knox College. This is where we first met and formed our first band together, which Sedgewick is, in a way, built from. It will be a very emotional show. For more details, please visit our show listing.

As always, be cool and thank you for supporting us. Love.