Jake Hav-a-what? and Other Sedgewick Updates

Greetings Sedgewickians,

Sam here. If you have been to any of our live shows recently, or kept up on Facebook, you may have noticed a curly-haired jolly gentleman with us. This young man is our newest member, Jake Hawrylak (that's Hav-ra-lack). It's okay. He doesn't bite. We hired him. He makes fantastic grilled cheese and avocado sandwiches, deemed by us all as "sedgewiches," and he also plays all the instruments. All of them. He's becoming a big name in the jazz scene in the Windy City, playing upright for Roy McGrath, Motific, and the Underlines Jazz Quartet. For us, he'll be playing a good deal of everything.

 Jake Harleywiggle in pyjamas. Who is this guy anyway?

Jake Harleywiggle in pyjamas. Who is this guy anyway?

You will be hearing a lot from Jake on here in the coming months, as he will be starting a series called "Today is This," wherein he writes his musings about musical masterpieces at a theoretical level and as a geeky fan boi. We hope you walk away from them with a greater appreciation of the music we think is pretty cool, and a greater enjoyment of music in general.

In addition to Jake's series on the blog, I will also be writing album reviews once a month of artists and bands in the Chicago area that are on the rise. The first entry will be at the end of January on a band called The Oarsman. If you have any suggestions for new bands to review, shoot me an email at sam@sedgewickmusic.com.

With all of our individual contributions, we hope to continue making this blog a place where we can share new music with you, from our own repertoire and from those we admire, and help garner support for our friends in a growing Chicago music scene.

We hope that you start the first week of 2015 with a bang. We'll see you all soon!