Sedgewick 101: (L)Oliver Horton

Welcome to another installment of Sedgewick 101! It's Alison this time, writing about: 

Oliver Horton, Ollie, or Revilo (possibly the coolest backward name I've ever heard) is Sedgewick's bass player and one of its founding members. He doesn't just lay down the low notes, though--he sings vocals with his buoyant tenor voice, and wrote half of the tunes on the EP, including the winding journey that is So Long John.

When he's not rocking out with SW or on the stage under the smoky light at the Green Mill, Ollie makes his daily bread teaching bass and guitar at the Rock House and Flatts and Sharpe Music Company. And on Saturday nights, you'll find him practicing, playing a gig, or partying. After a long night of the three essential P's, he might grab some nourishment at Logan Square's Lula Cafe, according to him the best eatery in Chicago. Today, though, he just had a cup of coffee.

He lists his musical idol as Alan Hampton, who I'm now listening to for the first time, and his most played record at the moment is Wildewoman by Lucius--that's wild-eh-woman. His favorite song to play on the Sedgewick EP is Beneath the Fireworks, or as we say, BTF. 

Like Sam and myself, Mr. Horton is a graduate of Knox College. He played bass at jazz night every Thursday, where weirdos like me would listen, pretending we knew what was happening jazz-wise. 

Like most of us, he's got a secret talent. You ready? His words and his hashtag, not mine: motha fuckin' tap dancing #youngpipedreams

So, get to know Oliver. While he may or may not tap dance for you, he will get your head bobbing and a smile on your face, no matter what's on the set list, with his interjections of "yeah, dude! Yeah!"

Alison out! Check back here for more Sedgewick 101. 

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