Sedgewick 101: Nicholas Gunty

This is Sam. Again. For another Sedgewick 101; this time for Nick, our producer, because he’s the next big thing.

 Did we mention he plays mandolin?

Did we mention he plays mandolin?

A self-taught audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist, Nicholas Gunty is a jack of all trades, which comes in handy when producing a band of scatterbrained amateurs like us. Although he is in the early stages of his production career, he approaches SW’s songs with the deftness and vision of a young Steve Albini. He is also the co-writer, co-founder and guitarist for the band Frances Luke Accord. 

Nick graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in painting and earned his MA in art from Eastern Illinois University. These degrees in no way have contributed to his current day job (aside from his gigs as a graphic designer and music producer) of an early educator/Rockin’ Railroad manager at Kidville Lincoln Park, where he mostly plays guitar and teaches newborns how to boogie to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” 

When surfing through Nick’s music collection on any given day, you might find yourself frequently stumbling upon Feel Good Lost, the debut album of Canadian supergroup Broken Social Scene. This is Nick’s fav. Not surprisingly, his personal musical idol is the stylistically-similar Nick Zammuto of The Books. He even shares his first name! :D

 Francis Luke Accord being all art-y.

Francis Luke Accord being all art-y.

These days, most Saturday nights you can find Nick with us: holed up in his tiny home studio, eyes bloodshot, fingers trembling as he tirelessly edits the mixes for our next EP (don’t worry, we pay him by the hour and feed him dog food on his breaks). His favorite song on the album is So Long, John, probably because he sings back-up vocals on it and loves the sound of his own voice (it is pretty good, though. Ladies).

The best place to eat in Chicago, Nick says, is on the corner of Ridgeway and Milwaukee, where a lone vendor stands industriously creating little nuggets of heavenly perfection known as tacos. Al pastor, Mexican fine cuisine consisting of a combination of three main ingredients: spiced pork / pineapple off the spit, crazy fiery salsa, and lime-cilantro garnish all wrapped in a savory flour or corn tortilla (that’s tor-tiiiii-ya).Nick says this mysterious man makes the best tacos in the city, nay, the world.

Despite being down the street from this mastermind, for breakfast this morning, Nick did not have tacos. Instead, he had two eggs over-easy, an everything bagel, greek yogurt with fresh sliced mango and espresso and still checks out at under 160 lbs. A miracle? Maybe. Makes for a rough yoga session? Most definitely.

Backwards Nicholas’s name is, well, disgusting: Ytnug Salohcin. Sounds like the biological classification of a venereal disease. BUT, speaking of backwards, his secret talent is that he can recite the entire ABCs backwards. Perfectly. Without stopping. Ladies. So he makes up for it in a weird way, I guess.

Man this is so long. Much to say about this young man. Let’s bring this to a close shall we?  We’re glad to have him on board. He is a talented specimen and we can’t wait to produce more records with him!

That’s it for this installment of Sedgewick 101. Hope you don’t like us less now that you know we really are.