Via Chicago

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Hello. We are Sedgewick. There's not much of us. Mostly two. But we make up for our lack in numbers with the myriad of things we would like to share with you: songs, recording snippits and tips, photos, stories, hopes, fears, food recipes, etc. It's things like these that this blog is for. And really anything else that we come across in this great land of Chicago (and beyond!).  So feel free to look around, drop a line, ask us a question or share your thoughts on our music.  We will read whatever you write and get back to you with lots of exclamation points (!!!) and maybe a fat cat emoticon.

Whatever reason you are here, we are glad to have you along. Stop by our next show and say hi, yeah? Click on the Shows tab above to see when we're out and about. Thank you and bye for now.