Sedgewick 101: Alison Gaines

Hi Friends,

Welcome to Sedgewick 101: where you can get to know a Sedgewick member through the clumsy descriptions of another Sedgewick member. This is Sam and I'm writing about our cello player Alison Gaines! Wooooo!

 Alison Gaines, spreadin' dat butter in the studio.

Alison Gaines, spreadin' dat butter in the studio.


Alison's name backwards is Seniag Nosila. When she is not out breaking hearts with her cello, she is a content manager and reporter for Fuels&Lubes Asia (What did I just say? Yes, Fuels&Lubes Asia. They sell Fuels and Lubes. What gives?).  The most played album in her music collection is probably Mozart opera snippets from her Music 101 CDs, which, to answer her question, is in fact kind of weird. A 2013 graduate in music and creative writing from Knox College, her musical idols (in addition to Mozart) include Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Neko Case, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Dvorak. She suggests that you eat sometime at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba in Lincoln Park at some point, because it is most definitely the best place to eat in Chicago. Of all the songs on the Sedgewick EP, Alison enjoys playing Beneath The Fireworks the most (you don't know it yet but you willllll). 

On most Saturday nights you'll find Ms. Gaines catching up on work, watching Netflix, and/or pondering the meaning of life with family and friends. Also, did you know that Alison can speak in the West African language of Bamanankan? Yep yep. She can. She'll take you to Mali and back wit' it.

So clearly we are in agreement that Nosila, er, Alison, should be everyone's friend. She's great at what she does and we at Sedgewick are so happy to have her as part of the team for this EP. She plays the cello like spreading butter on that well-toasted bagel she devoured this morning, and she is very patient with us when we accidentally call her Alice instead of Alison.  See her tearing it up at our show this Saturday!

Alright? Alright! Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned in a couple days for our next installment of Sedgewick 101!